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Bulk Potable Drinking Water Delivered - Tweed, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Ipswich

Liquid Gold Carriers

Liquid Gold, no, not oil, the real liquid gold - water!  Pure, clean, potable, crystal clear drinking water.   Liquid Gold Carriers provides the cleanest possible drinking water in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Northern NSW in bulk quantities delivered by truck to your doorstep for whatever purpose you need at your convenience.  

All our pure drinking water comes directly from the fire hydrant in our food business standard approved clean and hygienic water trucks 24/7.  Call us now for a quote; Our 7 friendly call centre staff look forward to speaking with you :).

Family owned and operated for 33 years

We deliver any volume of potable water you need

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Potable Drinking Water - Liquid Gold Carriers

All Liquid Gold Carriers Bulk Potable Drinking Water is suitable for drinking, filling swimming pools, storage in water tanks, spraying for construction sites, watering for lawns, parks, ovals, plants or other foliage, dust suppression or any other project you may need water for.  

Water is essential for survival. However, clean water is not only needed for drinking, there are a number of other areas where clean drinking water becomes necessary. While you only need an average of 1.5 litres of water for personal consumption every day, bathing, washing, and other such activities make it necessary for clean water to be available otherwise as well.

The need for bulk water does not end here. There are commercial usages of water in bulk. Here water is used for various reasons in industrial units. The water used for commercial purposes might not be as pure as clean drinking water, but it is recycled water. The quality of water depends on your need.

Drinking – everyone needs water to stay alive. Moreover, it is extremely inconvenient to get drinking water Brisbane every other day. For this reason, getting it in bulk from a renowned and trusted water carrier company is ideal. You can get a month’s supply in one go by getting your tank filled. If you have any inhibitions with respect to the quality of water, rest assured that water carrier companies have to be certified and approved before they can go into business. This means that the water you get through them is as safe as the one in your tap.

Swimming Pools – do you have a swimming pool at your place that needs to be filled? Call a water carrier company for quick and easy swimming pool filling. You must be wondering why you need to get water that is as good as drinking water. There are numerous reasons for this, the most important being that the water you swim in can affect your skin. Moreover, if you have kids at home, be sure that they will try to drink it while swimming. In any case, it is imperative for your hygiene to have a clean pool.

Water Tank Storage – it is always a good idea to have a backup option. So, for all those cautious people, contacting a water delivery service is a great idea. This way you can store water for later use without having to call them every other day. Or it might be that you are expecting a lot of guests in the coming day and your water intake is expected to go up manifolds. Or you could have a small spa or a parlour where you need more water than what your existing tank can provide you with. Under such circumstances, getting water in bulk becomes necessary.

Construction Site Spraying – generally water is sprayed over the construction site so that there are no chemicals in powder form that are spreading around with the wind. This can be dangerous so it is best to be avoided. In order to settle these potentially toxic materials, water is required in bulk. This is then sprayed all over the area to make sure that there is no area left that is dry. For this water cartage tanks are needed to bring the water to the site.

Water for Plants –in order to grow plants and look after your lawn properly, you need clean water because they die if the water is not clean. Thus, water delivery services are required. Are you responsible for the greenery in a park or an oval? If yes, even then you would need clean water in bulk every single day. Even golf courses need water sprinkled all over the grass to create for the perfect conditions by preserving their moisture. The need could be commercial or domestic. In any case, water in bulk is required and this can be assisted by a qualified water supply Gold Coast company.

Dust suppression – many a times, there is need to settle dust that can otherwise be dangerous for people living or working around the area. This is especially imperative for industries and plants where the industrial material is unloaded and it spreads in the form of dust, affecting the performance of employees and the general health of those around. It is also used to settle the dust around dumping grounds and waste disposal areas. Water is needed in bulk in all of these situations.

Movie or Photoshoot – have you watched titanic? Yes? Who hasn’t! So, you have a good idea of why water would be needed in bulk by movie producers for certain scenes. Whether it is a sea storm or heavy rain, there is a lot of water needed. Moreover, if you are a photographer, you might need a lot of water for one of your shoots also. That totally depends on the context of course. But such circumstances require water delivery Brisbane in bulk.

What To Look For In Your Water Supplier Company

Good Customer Services – a good company goes an extra mile to ensure that the clients are satisfied and are on board with the procedure. A well-trained staff will also ensure that you are dealt with in a professional manner and are helped in whatever way possible. You might be just checking out their services or want to hire them on a regular basis. Either way, the staff should be equally helping.

Properly Certified or Licensed – whenever you contact a company regarding clean water transport, always make sure that the facility is properly certified by concerned authorities. This does not end here. You need to ensure that their vehicles are also licensed properly. Do not hesitate to ask for credentials and proof of certifications. A company that has nothing to hide will show the documents without any hitch.

Quantity – you may just need your tank filled on a weekly basis or your pool filled every alternate day. No matter what your requirement, always check out the capacity of the company that you are contacting. It is especially important if you are a professional spa or swimming club because you will need these services more frequently and in more quantity.

Water Delivery Timings – everybody is busy nowadays. In such a hectic schedule, finding that tiny slot in which you can call a water carrier service to delivery water to you is crucial. However, not all of these services are quick enough or have flexible timings. If you are one of the people with a haywire schedule, look for a company that works 24/7 and has a fast turn around time. Moreover, if you run a professional service where you need water on a daily basis, you will either need the water delivered in the wee hours of the day or late at night, after closing business. So, a company that works around the clock is ideal.

Experience – having the right experience is important no matter what field you are working in. Thus, the right company will also have enough experience to be dependable and work efficiently.

Why Choose Liquid Gold Carriers

For excellent services, amazing customer services and high quality cleanliness, Liquid Gold Carriers are your one-stop shop to all your water woes. We have a friendly staff that is happy to help and answer any of your queries regarding our procedures. We believe in an informed relationship so we do not hesitate to answer any questions posed by our revered clients.

Our portable drinking water trucks are tailored in a way to meet all hygiene and safety measures. They have been properly licensed by the food authority and cleared for the transportation of water. Moreover, our vehicles have the capacity to provide up to 12,000 litres of water in one go. So, no matter what the quantity of water that you need, we can fulfil it easily.

To especially convenience our clients, our services are available 24/7. This means that we can come to your aid late at night or even in emergencies with a response time of 2 hours. Whether it is same day delivery or a fixed day delivery date set in advance, we provide with clean drinking water with thoroughness and commitment.

With over 30 years of diligent services, practicing all SOPs and following a strict protocol, we have dedicated ourselves to providing clean water supply Brisbane, Tweed, Gold Coast and Ipswich.

Pick up that phone and call us right now to get clean drinking water that is transported to you in licensed and approved vehicles, using state of the art technology.

How To Keep Your Water Supply Clean?

Keeping your water tank supply is very important for a healthy lifestyle. Here are a few ways you can ensure that:

Please note, although we guarantee our trucks are free from contaminants, please note that in rare cases, the water we collect from the Council Fire Hydrants may not be of a pure quality. 

In such cases, we do not accept liability for damages resulting from us delivering water supplied to us by the Local Council in an impure condition.

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Liquid Gold Carriers bulk potable drinking water for drinking, tanks, swimming pools, construction, spraying or any other application you may require.